Leda Sanford’s philosophy of life is an outgrowth of her lifetime in
leadership positions in the publishing business. She speaks from first
hand experience on the subject of career building, mothering, re-
marriage, revising oneself and aging in a youth focused nation. Fifteen
years with AARP and Age Wave exposed her to extensive research on
the aging baby boomers and as editor of The Boomer Report, she
forecast the imminent impact of boomer behavior on all aspects of life
in America and  identified significant marketing trends that would
evolve from this major shift in the population.

As spokesperson for and publisher of the repositioned American
Home Magazine in the mid-seventies, she promoted a new vision of
American women who were emerging from their traditional roles as
homemakers speaking all over the country on this concept.

Her passion for women’s empowerment has continued into her mature
years and was vividly expressed in the motivational columns she wrote
for Get Up & GO!, the custom magazine developed by Age Wave
Communications in the mid-nineties.