Editor, Author and Former Publisher

When Leda Sanford became the first woman publisher of a
major American magazine, she was only the first of many
liberated women who would follow her into the higher ranks of
magazine publishing. It was the age of reincarnation for
American women who were beginning to combine home and
career in the seventies. As publisher of American Home
magazine she redirected the publication, focusing on simple
solutions for the more demanding lifestyles of the new woman.

During her three years as President, Publisher and Editor-in-
Chief she traveled extensively delivering dozens of speeches on
the “emerging woman” who was redefining American life.

Her passion for this concept became a lifelong mission to
encourage women in the quest for empowerment.

Her career, which has spanned 40 years and led her to become
publisher of such diverse magazines as Bon Appétit, Chief
Executive, Attenzione, FMR and Modern Maturity (now AARP),
prepared her to accept the position of Vice President and
Editorial Director of Age Wave Communications in California.
Working with Ken Dychtwald and the Age Wave think tank
based in Emeryville, she developed a tailored and targeted
publication for single, older women entitled Get Up & GO!  For
this publication she also wrote a column that resonated with the
audience who responded enthusiastically to her counsel.

Look for the Moon in the Morning is a collection of these
columns which promote Leda’s philosophy that you can change
your life at any age if you are willing to invest in exercising your
spirit and your brain as well as your body.

Peppered with humor and surprising observations about living
on your own, the essays, which were originally written for women
only, have a universal appeal that transcends the original
purpose for which they were written.

Leda Sanford is a former New Yorker who has been living in
Sausalito for over 20 years. She has two sons and two grandchildren
who also live in Marin County and for this she is very grateful.
Leda was born in Italy.

Along the way, Leda, a member of the American Society on
Aging , has garnered many honors, among them the National
Association of Italian Women of Achievement Award, the FIT
Mortimer Ritter Award, the Amita Golden Ladies ACIM Award
and the ASME award for design excellence for Attenzione.

Leda’s memoir, Pure Moxie, was released in October, 2010.

Honors * Acknowledgements * Professional Affiliations

Member of The New York Women in Communications
Who’s Who in America
YWCA , City of New York- Academy of Women Achievers, 1992
New York Rotary Club 1992
Astrid Award for Living Smart
Amita Golden Lady, ACIM Women of Achievement
National Association of Italian American Women of  Award , 1989
Christopher Columbus High School- Hall of fame, 1984
Forum of Italian American Educators (FIAME) Award , 1980
Fashion Institute Mortimer C. Ritter Award

Gold Medal- Lucca, Italy Chamber of Commerce

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